Don’t question the past, dwell, or let it define you.

Once you’re able to speak openly about whatever you experienced in the past, it opens up to the present.

And you’ve officially freed yourself of what may have troubled

Are You All In?

It’s only up to you on how you want to view something. Is the glass half full or half empty?

If you look at the glass being half full then you’re halfway there. Because we all know, 50% of anything isn’t fulfilling.

Put 100% into all that you do, and always be true to yourself and do for YOU. Then you can do for others, but always put yourself FIRST.

You’ll discover that the inside is smiling just as much as the outside.

That’s what 100% feels like.

If You Can Hear This, You’re Lucky!

Today, we respond by text, some type of chat or messenger, every other way to respond to avoid an actual phone conversation.

Pick up the phone, call that person or answer their call. Hear the smile and excitement in their voice. Or you may hear a different tone for someone in need. Either way, comforting each other by simply talking is meaningful to each person.

If you’re able to hear that voice today, just listen. Listen with all of your your heart and you’ll understand how lucky you are. Because one day, you will miss their voice.

Summer’s Here, Now What?

Summer is more than hitting that weight loss goal you set on January 1st (yeah, I did it too).

We accumulate Vacation hours, and we feel guilty taking them. Worried about work, or coverage, or what we’re facing upon return. It’ll get take care of, they won’t go out of business without you!

Take that Vacation! You deserve it and you work for it! Make the time, spend it with your child/children, Friends and Family. It’s beyond the price of a Trip, or figuring out what to do. Enjoy yourself and appreciate the time you cannot take back. You don’t even have to have a Destination! Just a plan to be with the ones you love and enjoy.

Don’t live to work! Take time off for you, and for them because they’ll remember the memories, not how much work you got done.

It Doesn’t Last Forever


Per the Dictionary
1. an indefinitely short period of time

We all experience a moment, which is memorable, whether it be a good or bad moment.

Soak up the best moments. Share the memories and stories that make an impression on your heart. Don’t allow the bad ones ruin all that matters. It’s just a moment and if it one seems impossible to overcome, you will!

You will learn from every single moment, and they don’t last forever! So cherish the good and thank the bad, you learn from both.

This Little Light Of Mine

Remind them that they have a light that shines bright. They may not even realize that it’s been hiding in the shadows. A simple reminder can spark a beautiful explosion. Can you imagine if you shined together? It’s something so magical, even Unicorns can’t explain it!

Spend The Day With Me

Such a simple request that can hold a significant meaning.  Whether you’re among each other, a couple people or a huge crowd, that person sees, you. And it means something to them to have you there.

I spent a day with my Best Friends in San Francisco, enjoying their Company, the nice clear day, sunshine on my face, hearing the sound of laughter and seeing the smiles of everyone around us.  We were there to celebrate a Birthday, but it was more than just that.

You see there’s a beauty within everything, if you allow yourself to see it.  The day spent with Friends, there was so much togetherness and happiness surrounding us.  It was beautiful.  The moments spent with them, that was beautiful.

Even within what may seem to be the hardest time, or a new chapter in your life you may be embarking on where you may feel alone, or the “ugliest” moments that seem unbearable or impossible to overcome, there’s a beauty within it.

Make the time as it may be a while until the next opportunity comes around.  Having you there is exactly what they may have needed, and perhaps so did you.

Spend the day with them.


Hidden Beauties In Life

I sat with my back to the cliff we had just descended from, the beautiful waterfall to my left and two of my best friends to my right, and the sunshine reflecting off of the Pacific Ocean in front of me. It took some work to get to this very spot, and I thought to myself how crazy it was to go through the different terrain, all the nature surrounding us on the path that lead us here.

I found it to be very similar to what we overcome in, life.


On our hike, you’d find yourself walking on a flat surface, turn a corner and find a very rocky and uneven trail.  To then find the relief of flat grounds again (whew).

During the hike my friend and I were wondering how our other friend made it appear so simple to walk along the same trail that we found exhausting and a little difficult at times. We’d wince at how our feet hurt, ohh ya know, just complaining. And here she was, getting through it, she felt the exact same way we did but took it in stride. She maintained a positive attitude, never complaining, and maintaining focus and she didn’t let it affect her.

It was a reminder that we can keep ourselves standing regardless of the treacherous paths, crossroads and obstacles we experience.  Do your best to stay positive, keep your head up and push through, and don’t forget about those who are right by your side through it all.

It was such an accomplishment, we felt great, and it was all worth it! And one of the best parts of the day was that we did it, and we did it, together.  We created a memory that I am very thankful for, and despite the hard moments during, it became one of the best feelings in the end.

No matter what we face, we cannot forget the hidden beauties in life.

Just Like You

You are one of a kind. There’s a certain something about you that’s magnetic. You draw people in with your personality, selflessness, beauty, intelligence, and that’s just to name a few. Your heart is huge, so big that people want to hug you just to feel it beat. And you may even wear it on your sleeve. Of course with an invisible shield to protect it from those who may not know how to “handle with care”.

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Pick A Path, Any Path

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