Hello Sunshine

What Are You Doing Here? 

That’s exactly what I asked myself after an idea lit up in my mind (just like the cartoons, light bulb and all) and I started to pull the pieces together and ended up staring at a blank screen.  I kept thinking of what I would write about that was relevant for people to enjoy. Then I thought to myself, why not just share to simply inspire?  Relevance actually became, irrelevant.

I may or may not know who you are, but what I do know is that I don’t know what kind of moment, day, week, month or even year you’re having or have had.  We all have a story, one more compelling than the other.  However a commonality we may all share is, Happiness.  As simple as that right?  We hear a story, we see a picture, we share a smile, or even a hug.  It makes us, happy!

I hope you can find this blog as a source of exactly that.  Smiles, they’re free and I’m giving them out every single day!  Perhaps relevance is relevant, because as I share you may find the topic relevant and if it makes you smile to know that you’re truly not alone, then it’s working!  That light bulb led me to an even brighter light if it helped put a smile on your face.  I thank you for visiting, sharing a blog or two, maybe even subscribing!  But if you have a moment of time to comment on what you’ve read then I will gladly accept it as  you’re repayment of appreciation.  Because your feedback is the spark that’ll keep my fire lit and inspire me to keep the smile upon on my own face.




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