Summer’s Here, Now What?

Summer is more than hitting that weight loss goal you set on January 1st (yeah, I did it too).

We accumulate Vacation hours, and we feel guilty taking them. Worried about work, or coverage, or what we’re facing upon return. It’ll get take care of, they won’t go out of business without you!

Take that Vacation! You deserve it and you work for it! Make the time, spend it with your child/children, Friends and Family. It’s beyond the price of a Trip, or figuring out what to do. Enjoy yourself and appreciate the time you cannot take back. You don’t even have to have a Destination! Just a plan to be with the ones you love and enjoy.

Don’t live to work! Take time off for you, and for them because they’ll remember the memories, not how much work you got done.

Published by Miss B

Just a gal expressing herself. Sharing positivity and happiness any way she can. Reminding you of the simple beauties in life.

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