Just Like You

You are one of a kind. There’s a certain something about you that’s magnetic. You draw people in with your personality, selflessness, beauty, intelligence, and that’s just to name a few. Your heart is huge, so big that people want to hug you just to feel it beat. And you may even wear it on your sleeve. Of course with an invisible shield to protect it from those who may not know how to “handle with care”.

Never forget who YOU are, and never change for anyone. There may be instances that you can become a chameleon and adjust to your audience, but that’s why you’re different. You understand how to go with the flow, and not get lost within it. There’s a certain balance you must keep, to ensure you’re doing what’s right for, YOU. Keep it level and as they do in an Art Gallery, they will admire you, just by looking at how beautiful you can keep yourself upright and balanced, independently.  At that moment it will all flow together in all aspects of your life.

Do not think for one second that anyone is, just like you. Their hearts may be the exact same size but they may not share it the same way that you do. Allowing the biggest misconception of people mislead your life or persuade your thinking is a mistake we often make.  You do, you, and that’s what characteristically makes you the individual that you are, and that right there is what makes you special.  Throughout life experiences you’re continually learning about yourself and about others, even when you think you’ve got it all down, something will happen to remind you that life is “funny” and keeps you on your toes.  But appreciate it, the good and the bad, it’ll remind you of the all the ugly.

All that energy you almost wasted can be put into the meaningful whether it be loved ones, your career, your health, any passions in life.  Yes, although we are used to the routines in life, working, eating, sleeping and waking up.  We must not forget each day is not promised and when you’re given a new opportunity, wake up to the new day and push all that energy into what’s truly worth it, including yourself because you are WORTH IT!

Be the beautiful flower among the weeds.

Published by Miss B

Just a gal expressing herself. Sharing positivity and happiness any way she can. Reminding you of the simple beauties in life.

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