Why I Didn’t Respond 

Hello Sunshine!  Just so you know, you have not gone unnoticed.  There’s something about you that someone has discovered and can’t help but tell you what they think.  It’s something called a, Compliment.  

Don’t allow your insecurities to overshadow these compliments.  They’re just as beautiful as you are!! Someone wants you to know that they notice something positive about you and it’s completely OK to accept.  I understand, easier said than done.  However if you can at least start with the response, “Thank You” then you’ve started to push those insecurities out of the way!  That’s pure awesomeness! You’ve done it!  Baby steps to a better, you!! 

I personally have deflected compliments with my own shield of insecurity. I didn’t realize by not simply thanking someone I was actually being rude. I would say something back, shedding light on an entirely different topic. Why didn’t I respond? Because I simply didn’t know how to accept a compliment.  I discovered that I had been using the shield the wrong way this entire time!  Once I figured out that this wasn’t the right type of battle to fight I was able to expose my heart and start accepting these compliments.  And let me share, it is a great feeling! 

So the next time someone compliments you, it’s a sincere reminder of what beauty lies within you!  Compliments build you up, they’re never used to knock you down!   Can you imagine the “empire” we can build together?  

Friendly Reminders: Never forget that you are worth it, you’re strong, you deserve it, you’ve earned it, you’re loved, you’re needed, you’re beautiful, you’re never ever truly alone, you inspire, and you are important! 

Published by Miss B

Just a gal expressing herself. Sharing positivity and happiness any way she can. Reminding you of the simple beauties in life.

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