Who Took My Life And Made It Into a 3×3? 

“And I Quote….”

Scrolling, Screen Shotting, Saving and Sharing.  I cannot be the only person who’s attached myself to these “3×3” sized boxes.  The flattering backgrounds, neat fonts, swirly borders and colors alone can mesmerize you. It would seem as if someone was living my life and quoting it!  Leaving me to totally relate to this little box.

Whether it’s truly what you’re going through, or what you have gone through, truth of the matter is that it was, a moment.  A feeling, a reaction, something that’s made an impression. It doesn’t define you, what defines you is how you represent yourself.  These “3×3” boxes, they don’t truly reflect who you are, what you were or what you’ve become.  Share wisely.  Unfortunately people thrive off of what’s going on with others rather than focusing on themselves.  If you want to be the topic of discussion, then that’s what you’ll be, a topic.

This one life is yours, you write your own story.  How it’ll be shared or told will truly reflect who are.  And those that will share the “chatter” are those that truly matter.  Because those are the people that are worth knowing who are and what you’re truly about.

You are strong, you are beautiful, you are worth it and you’ve learned a lot throughout the experiences and obstacles you’ve met in life.  Define yourself, don’t let others define you.

The “3×3’s” are cool, and I like to share them myself.  But they don’t tell your story, write it the way you want it written.  Now don’t me wrong, I’m not suggesting you write a book, just be a damn good Author of  the “Best Seller” of your life!


Photos Courtesy Of: Amy Tangerine and Rebecca Ray

Published by Miss B

Just a gal expressing herself. Sharing positivity and happiness any way she can. Reminding you of the simple beauties in life.

3 thoughts on “Who Took My Life And Made It Into a 3×3? 

  1. The 3″x3″ boxes, they don’t reflect who we truly are…that does not DEFINE us.

    Beautiful baby!!! I love your writing, what a talent God gifted you with!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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