But Did You Die?

Hell yes, we’ve all experienced a hardship or two. Ok, maybe more than enough, which may have left us asking questions. Never receiving the answers we seek. “But did you die?” Kind of like when your parent(s) would ask “But are you bleeding?”, “But did you break a bone?” You stood up against those hardships … Continue reading But Did You Die?

If You Can Hear This, You’re Lucky!

Today, we respond by text, some type of chat or messenger, every other way to respond to avoid an actual phone conversation. Pick up the phone, call that person or answer their call. Hear the smile and excitement in their voice. Or you may hear a different tone for someone in need. Either way, comforting … Continue reading If You Can Hear This, You’re Lucky!

Summer’s Here, Now What?

Summer is more than hitting that weight loss goal you set on January 1st (yeah, I did it too). We accumulate Vacation hours, and we feel guilty taking them. Worried about work, or coverage, or what we're facing upon return. It'll get take care of, they won't go out of business without you! Take that … Continue reading Summer’s Here, Now What?

It Doesn’t Last Forever

"MOMENT" Per the Dictionary Noun: 1. an indefinitely short period of timeWe all experience a moment, which is memorable, whether it be a good or bad moment. Soak up the best moments. Share the memories and stories that make an impression on your heart. Don't allow the bad ones ruin all that matters. It's just … Continue reading It Doesn’t Last Forever