Loss and Easy, is like Oil and Water. Grieving, what is that? Coping, I’ve learned to master this skill since 2015. Distant, I may have become, but not purposely. OK, has been an “auto correct” response to avoid facing the truth of how to explain pain in beautiful words. Alone, is how it feels to isolate yourself when you think you’re the only one that feels the way you do. Strength, I’ve heard I possess this, once you gain it, this helps you truly understand that “alone” is a word that’s actually non-existent. Growth, happens at any age. Memories, naturally makes us smile, but made me cry hard last night. Thankful is how you feel, to be a part of it all. Change, they say it can be scary, but it’s what we always endure and got through it, it’s just how you perceive it. Was it really that, “scary”? Forward, is the movement I will happily flow with. Without loss you’d never gain, so do you really, lose?


Travel to many different destinations.

Fill your home with material.

Have as many friends as you want.

But true Happiness is when you share it with meaningful people.

That makes all that you have, every place you visit, as beautiful as it can be.

Live and Love Life to the fullest!

Today Might Be The Day

Whatever you may be going through, know that you are not alone. YOU will be OK!  Maybe today is the day you navigate through and rediscover what may have been missing.

We may see them as Grey clouds, but they are actually directing you towards the Sunshine. When you finally get there, you’ll feel the warmth on your skin, the crease on your face when your smile appears, and the sight you witness once you get through those clouds is pure beauty.

There are no directions or an owners manual to life. We overcome obstacles and navigate through diversions unknowingly, because you already have the sunshine within you! Thrive today, or you can even seize it if you’d like. Whatever you do, always remember you are STRONG and you WILL get through it!

What Are You Doing Today?

You had no idea that when you woke up that you may have a huge influence on someones day, aside from your own.  Neither one of you knows what type of days you’re having, however you had no clue that you’d be the one to shift their entire day.  Simply by, attitude.

We can allow the outside influence the inside, both good and bad. Something as simple as a smile can brighten someone’s day, and for others, they may not even blink with the light shining right into their eyes. And then there are those who may just walk around as a ball of pure negativity. And it’s their plan to make you as miserable as they don’t even recognize they are.

How will your attitude impact someone’s day? It’s totally and 100% up to you. Because what you put out there, you get right back. That good ole’ Boomerang of life.

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Of course I was sad, felt a little void in my heart instantly when he said, “We’re moving out of State”.

Tears held back, I swallowed the lump in my throat as I talked to maintain understanding in my voice. I had to realize I couldn’t be selfish and it was a good move for all involved.

You can live two blocks away and hardly see each other. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not close, because we’ll always have love in our hearts that keep the bond between us. No matter the distance, that’s all you need to stay close.


A friend of mine was having a really difficult day, yesterday.

There are times we can only offer support through words, if you’re not around to give them hugs.

My Reminder

“There’s going to be rough days. And those obstacles we just don’t have strength to face. But always remind yourself of the blessing to see today even if it’s full of challenges. We love you and know you’ve got the strength in you even if it’s hard to see today”

Simple reminders can impact someone’s Day, and if I can bring a smile to your face then my mission has been accomplished.


Share Your Story

A story can be happy, sad, riveting, involved, horrible, and more!  Often times we hear others stories shared and realize we may not have it as “bad” as we thought.  But the courage it took for them to share it with you, that’s what matters.

We’ve all got our stories, and we can appreciate what we’ve lived through rather than regret.  It may have seemed like a huge obstacle to overcome.  Once you’re able to share, you’ve grown from it and freed yourself from silence.  And if you’re going through it right now, you will get through it and we’re all waiting to hear your story!

The biggest honor of knowing their story is that you can contribute to a Chapter in their book or their Happier Ending!


The Forgotten

You’re so strong, you can be some kind of Greek God/Goddess. If you could, you’d slap hands with Kratos and a bump knuckles with Athena.

Yes you are strong, practically hold the World on your shoulders. But you can easily become the background. Don’t blend in, stand out! Always take care of yourself, and do for you before anyone else. Balance is everything. It’s not being selfish, it’s being wise.

Best Part Of The Story

It doesn’t matter the cost, it doesn’t even have to be fancy or even traveling abroad.

All that matters is how meaningful it was to you. The best part is that you’re going to share the memories and so will others, and you’ll be a part of that story.

You can’t take back time, or press a reset button. So be present, and you’ll be thankful you were.

But Did You Die?

Hell yes, we’ve all experienced a hardship or two. Ok, maybe more than enough, which may have left us asking questions. Never receiving the answers we seek.

“But did you die?”

Kind of like when your parent(s) would ask “But are you bleeding?”, “But did you break a bone?”

You stood up against those hardships and you were strong, stronger than you knew or could’ve fathomed. And here you are, still standing! Through all the “mud” like the Lotus, you remained composed, beautiful and untouched.

Just as the Great Chinese Philosopher Confucius stated “I have a love for the Lotus, while growing in mud it still remains unstained”

You are BEAUTIFUL and You are STRONG

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